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“From joy all beings come,
in joy all beings live,
to joy all beings return.”

​- Taittiriya Upanishad


My name is Gloria Stewart and I am a joy and abundance activist.

That means I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations expand their prosperity
– to move beyond survival and into joyous thriving for the betterment of our entire society!

And I do this by providing products and services that help people connect with
their true soul’s joyful abundance!

You see, the challenge we face today is that most of us have been taught there’s not enough,
that we’re not worthy and that life is tough. We have absorbed so much toxic clutter that we can no longer
hear the wisdom of our soul or recognize the joy that already exists within us!
And when that happens, we can find ourselves stressed out and depressed –
reaching out for things that will numb our distorted sense of reality.

The truth is that joy is our birthright and the way we were always meant to feel.
It’s the highest frequency emotion and has real power to transform lives!

I hope you will return to this site again to learn and be inspired.
And then I hope you will spread your joyful spirit to others who are wishing to be shown
the way home to joy and abundance.

Joyfully yours,

Being Joy™

Learn to live more joyfully with
products and workshops
on joy and abundance​

Engage Gloria

My name is Gloria Stewart
and I’m a joy and abundance activist.

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