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Gloria Stewart


Gloria Stewart is a Joy and Abundance Activist who helps individuals and organizations expand their prosperity by moving beyond survival and into joyful thriving. Before writing her book, Being Joy™ she spent more than thirty years as a successful business owner helping social-purpose organizations raise millions of dollars for causes that improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Still active as a consultant to the social-purpose sector through her company Touchworks Communications, Gloria has also embarked upon a deeper commitment to elevating the human spirit as author of Being Joy™, a 40- Day practice for joyful living.

Being Joy™ is a culmination of personal experiences and observations that have led to her conclusion that when people combine purpose with passion, their joy expands. And as they become more joyful, their vibrational frequency increases which improves their overall mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, professional and financial wellbeing.

Gloria teaches this 40-day practice of replacing old self-defeating beliefs with new empowering habits through her book Being Joy™, oracle card deck Joy Medicine Cards, one-on-one Joy Guiding sessions as well as through presentations, workshops and retreats.

Gloria makes her home on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia where she has been able to expand her unique blend of leadership and creative abilities with a deepening social conscience. As a new grandmother, Gloria expects her “Third Act” to be her most profound and meaningful as she helps to inspire the next generation of joy and abundance activists.

To engage Gloria, please complete the form on the contact page. Or you can call Gloria at (250) 248-5544 or email her at .

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