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Engage Gloria

GLORIA STEWART – Author of Being Joy™, Speaker, Coach

If I told you I’ve found a way to allow well-being to flow more naturally – a way to improve physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, professional and financial heath, would you be interested?

My name is Gloria Stewart and I’m a joy and abundance activist. My mission is to help people remember their joy so that they can return to the way they were always meant to feel. In fact it’s their birthright!

I’ve developed a comprehensive program based on my book Being Joy™ that teaches people how to identify barriers that may be blocking their joy. Then they are able to more confidently move forward following a simple 40-day practice of replacing old self-defeating beliefs with new empowering habits.

As participants become more joyful, their vibrational frequency increases as does their ability to attract more positive events, people and opportunities into their lives. It becomes a very powerful joy habit.

Presentation Topics and Audience Profiles




Joyful Balance

Integrating work, home, play and community into joyful harmony

High performance professional women

Joyful Abundance

Using joy as the juice to attract unlimited possibilities

General audience

Joyful Purpose

Bringing joy back to mission-driven organizations

Leaders, volunteers and fundraisers in the social-purpose sector

Joyful Wellness

Overcoming physical or mental challenges through joy

People struggling with physical challenges or depression

Joyful Thriving

Rise above poverty through joy

Low-income vulnerable women

Joyful Legacy

Discovering joyful living in your Third Act

Women aged 50-75


  • Breakfast/Luncheon/Dinner Keynote – 30–45 mins
  • Conference Keynote – 60-90 mins
  • Half Day Workshop – 3-4 hours
  • Full Day Workshop – 6-8 hours
  • Weekend Retreat
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